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  1. darkmav

    darkmav Well-Known Member

    Of late, I've noticed that the Note becomes warm in the region near the camera while using applications such as Words for Friends, PicSpeed Wallpapers and ESPN Cricinfo (an app which delivers Cricket news).

    Also, the phone becomes very slow sometimes when I am checking or composing an email. When I return to the home screen, it shows up as a blank screen and icons slowly appear, and then the Accuweather app, and notifications bar. I have AVG Antivirus and NetQin security, and they report nothing wrong. But while killing apps manually through the App manager or NetQin's optimize page, I notice that the memory is about 90% in use.

    Would an SD card help? I'm thinking not because the RAM will still have to take charge of running programs, but what's one way to speed up the phone? And what about the heat?

  2. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

    My note gets warm around the camera area also but not enough for me to worry, my iphone 4s used to get warm also. As for slowdown, could it be your virus guard software? Try deleating it and use it for a while and see what happens?
  3. darkmav

    darkmav Well-Known Member

    Do you use another virus/guard program?
  4. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    i remember a year ago when i bought my galaxy s, it was very hot then the first few weeks when browsing and/or using google maps (gps turned on). but after a few months, the heating disappears. last month when i had my gnote, it did heat up especially when i have downloaded a file 1.6Gb through torrent directly in my gnote, it was however not as hot as with the galaxy s so i didn't bother. maybe after months of usage, it will also just disappear imho.

    let's just hope.
  5. eszklar

    eszklar Member

    What app are you using on the GNote to Bitorrent directly?
  6. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    aTorrent in the android market.
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  7. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for delay, no don't use any protection! ;)

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