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Note I9220 no signalSupport

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  1. amywatkinsuk

    amywatkinsuk New Member

    Hi All:

    I bought my galaxy note i9220 in China on 14th Aug.

    It was working perfectly fine when I was in China using a China Mobile SIM card.

    Last Sunday I went to hongkong to catch a flight to London, and when I was in Hong kong, I changed back to my UK 3 SIM card, which again, was working OK in hongkong.

    Before take off, I switched the phone off.

    During the flight, I must have hit some button and accidently switched the phone on ( as when I landed, I took my phone out and it was

  2. amywatkinsuk

    amywatkinsuk New Member

    Anyone able to help? Thanks thanks thanks in advance!
  3. amywatkinsuk

    amywatkinsuk New Member

    WOuld anyone be able to help?
  4. scorpion100

    scorpion100 Well-Known Member

    make sure you inserted the sim card with the bend angle facing the bottom of your phone..sometimes you insert your sim in a wrong way and this cause your problem

    .i suggest to get a pay as you go 3 uk sim card and try it ...or call 3 customer service and speak to one of their agents to have a look at your account ... they might send you another sim or pop in one of their stores and speak to someone about it...if nothing wrong with your account then am afraid it is a hardware issue with your phone..
  5. enkey

    enkey New Member

    I have similar issue. Bought the phone in Singapore and switched it in airplane mode on my way to India. Now its working on ly in emergency mode. The only thing I havent done that OP has is , reseetting it to manufacturers settings. Can some one help me with that please?
    Mine is a china made I9220 which worked well in Singapore

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