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  1. n0m0n

    n0m0n Well-Known Member

    I was hoping to be able to have my S4 screen wakeup when I receive a gMail, and Text message.
    Now when I get either I get a audible alarm notification but the screen doesn't reveal the message.
    I was hoping to find a visual notification like a banner, bubble of the message appear on the screen but I haven't located anything like that.
    So if my device wakes up and shows a portion of the message that would be great.


  2. OnRunning

    OnRunning Member

    On my old phone (Droid 3) I used Go SMS Pro ( It has an option to have a pop up of a recieved text. you can even reply without opening the messaging app.

    Note: I have not tried it on my S4 yet. I am sure it works though. Its a well devolved app.

    Other messaging apps might have the same option (i.e. champ sms, handcent sms)
  3. n0m0n

    n0m0n Well-Known Member

    I was hoping there was an option built in to the OS but thanks.
  4. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member


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