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Note3 Vine/Instagram cameraGeneral

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  1. NortonsLogic

    NortonsLogic New Member

    I was wondering if anyone else here is having the same problem as me or if its just my phone in general.
    When using Vine or Instagram my front camera refuses to load. Back camera works fine. Front camera works great on its own and in snapchat but for some reason both of those apps refuse to use the front camera.
    It always shows its in use by another app. I have turned off everything, cleared the app cache, cleared the camera cache and tried loading it and still just a black screen.

    I had the GS3 before I got my Note3 and to be honest Im starting to miss it as it didnt have a single issue and Ive had nothing but issues with my Note3. I love the battery life but all these little buggy issues are killing it for me.

  2. lukeyuu1620

    lukeyuu1620 New Member

    I also had the GS3 before. My Note 3 did do the same thing. Now both cameras work on Instagram. But, the front facing camera does not work on Vine. And my rear camera stretches the video sideways on Vine. I hate it! Snapchat works fine!
  3. NortonsLogic

    NortonsLogic New Member

    Ive had the same experience. Snap chat is great. Vine wont work at all with front camera. And instagram will work with the front camera but not the front camcorder. Wondering if maybe iy has something to do with the software allowing both camera to work at once? Funny how snapchat has no issues tho. I tried installing other camera apps but no success.
  4. barijay

    barijay New Member

    We need to report this and make this known so us GN3 owners can experience Vine with our wonderful front cameras!
  5. lukeyuu1620

    lukeyuu1620 New Member

    I don't even use Vine now because of it.
  6. wallyy

    wallyy Well-Known Member

    This is a common issue, I knew about it not working on Instagram, but this is the first time I read about it not working with Vine. We really need to complain more about it so they resolve this, Samsung or the app developers.
  7. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hmm, it sounds like it's an issue with the developers and that we would need to get ahold of them before anything can be done. I doubt Samsung would care about this.
  8. soofit

    soofit New Member

    So is it the phone or vine?? Ugh I need my front vine camera!!!!
    Cannot believe this is happening
  9. NortonsLogic

    NortonsLogic New Member

    I think it has to be a vine thing cuz it works fine on my GS3. My thunderbolt n birth of my nexus 7. All my friends phones seem to work but not the note 3. I've contacted vine of course 0 replies :-/

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