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Notepad, journal, memo, with gps

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  1. CzarekMart

    CzarekMart Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 29, 2010
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    I checked the thread history and there was no thread with this topic.
    I need a journal/memo/notepad that has four functions:
    1. Remembers the date/time. That's trivial. But also lists and queries remembered notes by date/time. For example - Springpad doesn't list by date/time.
    2. Tries to auto-detect and remember the location of the note. When I go to Maps then it shows my current location, so the phone knows where I am. That means the information is available and should be stored with the note.
    3. Ability to email or upload notes to web. Email is prefered, because I don't want to be dependent on some unknown server.
    4. Ability to attach pictures to notes.

    I browsed the Market and, yes, there are notepads, like Springpad, that store the note on the web and let you attach pictures, but none of them records the locations.
    Are there any such applications?

    Thank you,


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