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Notepad with GoogleDocs backend

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  1. Quant

    Quant New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I'm really hoping someone here has seen something like this. I'm essentially looking for a notepad app for the Android. But there is a trick to this. I want the notes to be saved and synced as accessible documents on GoogleDocs so that I can edit them on my Mac. On the Android, this should be a simple notebook / notepad app.

    Anyone see anything like that?

    Kind regards,


  2. gtshouse

    gtshouse Member

    Try GDocs Notepad in the market. It syncs the phone and google docs.
  3. quadmasta

    quadmasta Member

    @gtshouse the new Google Docs broke the sync.
  4. lrbaerveldt

    lrbaerveldt Active Member

    Note Everything has an add-in called 'NE GDocs', that will import and export Google Docs. Doesn't do automatic syncing, but it might get the job done. (Disclaimer: I'm an enthusiastic user of Note Everything, but I haven't tried their GDocs add-on myself.)

    I've also been using GDocs by WildArt (NOT the same as GDocs Notepad mentioned by gtshouse), but I've occasionally had problems with it. On a few occasions, it's overwritten a document on the Google server with the contents of another document.

    Some other apps I've seen mentioned but haven't used include:
    - Memento is a personal database app that is said to sync with Google Docs.
    - GooMemo is also supposed to sync with Google Docs, but I think on Google it saves everything in a spreadsheet, rather than as text documents. In other words, they show up as notes on the Android, but are stored in a spreadsheet on Google's servers.

    Just search the app market for 'google docs' and you'll probably find others.

    And finally, if you plan on ONLY editing on the desktop, then you can just use the mobile web version of Google Docs on the Android. You can't edit with it, but for just reading your docs, it works well.

    Hope this helps.
  5. billrk

    billrk New Member

    I used GDocs Notepad and it was OK, but when Google Docs Sync failed, I switched to Docs Pics, which is also OK. One little frustration - the app only stores a token rather than your Google password, and the token expires, so you have to reenter your password from time to time.

    Does anyone know of an app like this that will also search the docs on the phone when it can't connect to the internet to search Google Docs directly? I can't find one in the Market.
  6. Kevin_T

    Kevin_T Member

    One year till this post startet and there is still no alternative to GDocs Notepad on the market.
    I want to share a notepad with my family, but the sync of this one is not that automatic and live as it should be. That caused some problems.

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