Notes from the frontlines...(my conversation with LG about the bootloader)

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  1. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    14 days..

  2. OptimusSlime

    OptimusSlime Well-Known Member

    So... that is like amazingly good news... right???
  3. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Maybe. Thatt is just for a reply...
  4. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    no...not just means we MAY get the source for this phone....i highly doubt we'll get a bootloader unlock tool....
  5. quechon

    quechon Well-Known Member

    Maybe if somebody can make a tom with some tweaks and flash it like you do with the unbrick guide (just an idea)
  6. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    *rom.....also only LG has those tools to create firmware like that.
  7. quechon

    quechon Well-Known Member

    Finaly i get a good phone and lg complicates everything
  8. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    honestly this phone by itself with root is still an amazing phone...all a ROM is going to do is make it slightly better...

    JB will be nice to get...but i'm not in a hurry to ROM this phone like i was with my OM and Indulge...this phone is perfectly suited to my needs as it is right now...

    that being said, i still would like to ROM it anyways....see how high we could overclock it and whatnot :p
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  9. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    HeHe ...
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  10. equator

    equator Active Member

    You need to speak with a level 1-2-3 technician(lvl 3 being the most knowledgeable) at metropcs, so I suggest you ask the Customer service rep to transfer you to a supervisor and have the supervisor transfer you to the l3 tech, good luck.
  11. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Metro has nothing to do with the boot loader. That's all LG
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  12. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    Well the source is now available for download at least....
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  13. equator

    equator Active Member

  14. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    so in response to the source being released i sent them this

    Awesome thank you for the source, now I also asked about a bootloader unlock tool. Is there anyone who I could talk to about that, that is really hindering us from being able to do custom development on our device."

    and they replied with

    "We already delivered your request to relevant department and we are still waiting for response from the department.
    They are looking for a more efficient and safe method to unlock bootloader
    We regret to inform you that It’ll take more time.

    We hope this information will help you.

    Thank you.
    Sincerely yours,

    LGE MC Company Open Source Code Distribution Center
    Email :"

    so there is looks to be far far away...but it's some little semblance of hope
  15. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    We regret to inform you? Well at least it doesn't sound like a bot copying and pasting stuff.
  16. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    They'll start doing that soon...
  17. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    or already started lol...someone else got this same exact message...

    but yeah, i'm going to keep bugging them...

    and I suggest that anyone else who has a motion to e-mail them at least once a week asking about the progress on a bootloader unlocking tool...

    simple and easy message...nothing crazy or offensive...

    together we could get it to happen a lot faster than if one person alone is doing it
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  18. billda69

    billda69 Member

    SOOO has anybody started digging through the kernel they posted? maybe we can find what we need there?
  19. jamesmania88

    jamesmania88 Well-Known Member

    This is a copy of an email I sent to Lg this morning acquiring knowledge and answers about the issue of a boot loader unlock tool.


    I have purchased your LG motion 4g android powered smartphone. I was curious to the availability of a boot loader unlock tool. I wish to root and put a ROM on my phone. I understand that LG shares a position into which it would like to place a secure operating system with it's end user. A boot loader seems like a great idea in order to prevent the end user, from harming themselves by causing software and/or hardware malfunctions, however what a boot loader that can not be unlocked does is simply limit innovation from a software and hardware prospective. LG is worldwide company known for great innovation and an industry leader among many consumer electronic products. As a LG customer of over 10+ years in the cellular phone marketplace, I would like to do my part in order to progress LG's innovation and help bring new ideas and concepts to it's cell phone division. In order to do that I can not simply stand by and accept what LG pushes to it's cellular communications consumers as great ideas, or concepts. LG will always need consumer tested ideas and concepts to further innovate and make successful cellular communication devices. LG will need a fresh sets of eyes to let them know what is a great idea or concept what makes it great and why LG should consider using it on their next upcoming Cellular Device. I thank you for your time and I would appreciate a response about the matter of using a boot loader unlocking solution.

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  20. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    I already built the kernel, it has nothing to do with bootloader, bootloaders loads kernel.
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  21. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

    I think I'll send an email twice a week:D
  22. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Gus was an idiot as are most ppl who work help desk type jobs.. they read from a script and if its not on the screen they dont know jack.

    Now, far as ROMming the Motion, that can still be done via a batch or shell script via adb on a rooted device. Its not as clean as flashing a ROM but very doable. Basically have the script rm unwanted files, n push files n overwrite others.

    I used this method for a client and even push deodexed files n removed all the .odex's. ;)

    And again, this isnt the preferred or recommended way to do things, but it works. ;)
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  23. cloudsfall2

    cloudsfall2 Active Member

    please post lg email we should email and i suggest starting a separate thread for

    Edit:nvm about the email
  24. jamesmania88

    jamesmania88 Well-Known Member

    I just received an email with the basic we have forwarded to so and so department.
  25. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    i have changed my signature so that it's easier to find the e-mail now

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