Nothing but problems with Telus LG shine plus. HELP!!Support

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  1. Linney

    Linney New Member


    Love the idea of this phone but it is a PIECE OF SH%T!!!!!!

    This is my second phone, it crashes CONSTANTLY, it has horrible signal, it hangs up on people, it puts people on hold, it will ring but not let me answer it, screen goes dead then I have to rip the battery out to shut it up. It texts other people then who I am texting, ALWAYS crashes at least once daily when I text, it will delete all my history of threads after crashing, it will say I don't belong to a network, it wont send texts. It will not send emails on wifi. It does not alert you after you get a text.

    Has anyone else had these problems??

    Has anyone having luck returning this with Telus, I seriously might smash it into a million pieces if I can't get a new phone!!! LOL

    I have always owned LG but NEVER EVER EVER again wish I had got a blackberry or iphone now. Just didnt want a huge data plan.


  2. Linney

    Linney New Member

    Oh, and if you are with Telus, how do you get them to give you a new phone. I do not want a phone that will not work.

    I did update to the latest software, it didn't help.

    This phone only makes a good paper weight.

    (My husband got the same phone, the signal sucks but he doesn't have any of the issues I have)
  3. MisterPuzzler

    MisterPuzzler Active Member

    Try using the Zeam home or the LauncherPro home, as they use less memory as well as they are faster than the standard ones that come with the phone. Also, I recommend using SMS backup and restore, so that should messaging crash, you can restore all your lost messages. These apps can be found on the market
  4. BabblingCamel

    BabblingCamel Member

    as misterpuzzler mentioned, you should use a lighter launcher like zeam or launcherpro (launcherpro being my personal favorite) as high memory consumption is most likely what's causing most of your issues. also clear up some space on your phone (delete apps you never use). One more thing I would highly recommend is to download "advanced task killer" from the android market, and when the app is open go into it's settings and tap "ignore list" and then tap "build recommended ignore list". there will also be a widget installed with the app, so I would suggest putting that on your homescreen as you can kill memory-eating apps with one click. tap the widget farely often (like, a few times a day) and you should not get any more force-closes or crashing apps.
  5. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I bought mine at Best Buy. If within 14 days, you can take back to store for full refund or new exchange. If outside of 14 days but within one year, you can contact Best Buy Telus Exchange 1-866-547-3749. They will send you a refurbished phone by courier and a return courier sticker. Once you get the refurb phone and have tested it out and are satisfied, you then send back your old phone by courier. That's what I had to do because my bluetooth in original phone did not work. The alternative would have been to take my phone to some authorized Telus repair center. They would taken my phone and send it off for repairs but it could take 4 - 6 weeks and I would have had to pay some service fee to use some loaner phone.
  6. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    My wife has the same piece of crap phone. I knew when she picked it that it didn't look like a good phone and she does nothing but complain about it. The next time we get new phones I will be picking for her. She basically picked this phone because she could get a pink case for it.
  7. Burned

    Burned Well-Known Member

    Just for the hell of it, try your hubby's sim card in your phone.
    Make sure you remove the protective film from the display, it interferes with the touch screen.
  8. Gauthier002

    Gauthier002 Member

    I think i am the only one that doesn't have any problem with my phone right now , i send it 1 time because if reboot itself and after the repair the phone is A1 , i think that the day Android 2.3 will come , no problem will be anymore
  9. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    I still have one that I got in August and everything works fine still.
  10. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    I think you guys just need to go into the manage applications hit the menu and select the running apps. Just close all the big apps you aren't using right away when you start using the phone. It really makes a difference i think. I haven't had any problems with my phone and i've had it now for about 7 months. I use go launcher ex, and a few other apps but i don't think you guys should be having these problems, just overusing the system. I could be wrong though. Hope this helps
  11. ericjdbray

    ericjdbray New Member

    I have this phone and really no complaints, sure i changed a lot with it. New messaging app battery saver but it gets the job done
  12. Linney

    Linney New Member

    UPDATE to my problems......

    I do not use any apps, I maybe have 3 on there and am using the app killer. I have no idea how these apps even open.

    So after my phone texted someone other then the person I was texting I had enough with this phone and finally brought it in for repairs. They told me 4-6 weeks but it only took 1 week which Telus help said is the standard.

    The phone continues to crash during texting but not as frequent but enough that I want to throw this phone out the window. Actually emails now which is good. Phone is still a paperweight though. Crashed when trying to open app advisor, horrible signal. Says I have -3 emailsSending it back for repairs, maybe 3x lucky.

    Thanks for all your suggestions, think this phone is beyond help my husbands has been having some crazy issues like not working, battery not working, bad signal........

    Telus said I could pay them $300 to payout this phone and then I could pay for another one, they can go &*^% themselves.
  13. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    See if that phone exchange program is available for you. That way you will get a refurbished phone that you can test side by side with your current phone before your return the (more) defective one.
  14. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Sorry you are having such a hard time with your phone but sometimes what you get on the phone is more the providers doing than the manufacturers.
    LG is and has always been a good phone maker. And sometimes your provider requests the OS/Android be set up a particular way, this way may not be the best for the OS or the Hardware, But if Telus asks for it LG does it.
    I have owned many LGs in the past and I have always found that they more than Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or any other brand have consistently produced a better phone both in hardware and software than any other. Nokia can make some great hardware phones but their software (for me) is sometimes lacking (just a personal opinion).
  15. No1uNo

    No1uNo New Member

    I have had my LG Shine Plus with Telus since last December and I totally love it. I have had no problems at all with it. My wife got a Telus iphone about a year before I got my LG Shine Plus and she complains about it all the time (apps won't load, always slowing down, wifi disconnecting all the time, etc) and I much prefer my phone. A couple of months ago I was standing in line at a fair behind a girl who had the same phone so I commented to her about it and she said she had lots of problems with it so maybe I just lucked out and got a good one in a sea of bad ones.

    My phone has never crashed once and I have a bunch of apps on it. It always texts the person I want to text and everything works pretty much flawlessly. I do run the app killer (though I've only used it for about the last 2 months) and find it gives me longer battery life and I also usually power it down completely every night when I go to bed.
  16. DM_Sledge

    DM_Sledge New Member

    I used to get message crashing and screw ups. It stopped after I grabbed a big sdcard and changed my behavior. My problem was that I would bounce between IM contacts so fast the memory became corrupted. To fix I always wait for a message to finish sending and use back to leave that conversation before going to a new one.
  17. mattman910

    mattman910 Member

    It seems that most of the issues everyone has mentioned revolves around memory.

    If your apps keep failing to load or your text message threads get wiped out or even if your dropping calls it can all be linked back to how much internal memory is in use and available to perform your current functions. Even if you are not downloading or using apps they still preload when your power on the device and take up more of the precious memory in the device. Using a program like advanced task killer can help fix the issue with the device because it helps free up a good portion of what the app is trying to take.

    Battery pulls can be common on some of the starter grade androids just because of minimal internal storage on the device, a larger SD card can help but generally is only beneficial when running on 2.2 where you can save the cached data to your SD card for your apps (2.3 when you can save the whole app to SD)

    LauncherPro as mentioned previously can be a great option to get rid of the large loader pre-installed on the device which can cause some issues.

    If all else fails, do a battery pull and that generally solves most of the issues.

    If anyone wants to correct anything I may have said that they have found wrong please do but from experience in dealing with these phones some of these methods tend to be a great problem solver for the LG Shine Plus
  18. Vighnahara

    Vighnahara Member

    yes, yes, and yes. To everything.

    And now that I've done this 2.3.3 update... MORE PROBLEMS!! Now my battery drains twice as fast as before, which was already ridiculously fast. Also, my bluetooth headset will no longer connect although it says it's paired. I tested the headset with another phone and it worked fine, I tested another headset with my phone and it didn't work. So it's definitely a problem with the phone.

    I wasn't able to make phone calls this afternoon, although I was receiving some calls (though people were texting me to say they couldn't get through, rang twice and went to VM).

    I'm ready to throw this phone under a bus.

    I have another friend with this phone and she has all the same problems. Like the OP, I love the idea of this phone but the internal hardware is fail, fail, and fail. This new software update makes it 10x worse. Soon as I get around to it, I'm doing a factory restore. I can't remember any of the updates actually doing a single thing to improve my phone. Either that, or I'm just going to "accidentally" drop it in the sink while I'm doing dishes. Anything for an excuse to get a different phone.
  19. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    There are known issues with 2.3.3, but my girlfriend's phone is running smooth...
  20. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    The bluetooth issue can be fixed and has been posted in the forum. Although I strongly recommend a factory restore, as it seems to solve many issues.

    As for reception issues, I blame telus as well as the phone...
  21. Burned

    Burned Well-Known Member

    Yes Telus reception is crap compared to other carriers (rogers, fido....)
    I asked for a new sim card for my phone and it helped with some of the reception issues I was having.
  22. punchbuggy44

    punchbuggy44 New Member

    Ok so the issues I am having with this phone is;

    Battery won't hold charge for more than a day,but if texting or playing Euchre or the odd phone call won't last more than 4 hrs.

    Reboots itself.

    Lately the phone just dies. I leave my home for work at 5:30am. I don't do anything with the phone, I receive a call, check the voice mail,listen to it and then red light indicator lights up and phone powers off. The battery is dead.

    I only have a few apps on this phone, I have the App Killer. I called their so-called Loyalty number which was a joke. I have 15 months left on contract or pay $135 to buy out the phone. They know of the issues but are doing nothing and they expect me to pay or wait it out? I don't think so. I need this phone in case something happens with my children at school. Whatever happened to that saying for companies "to keep a customer happy...."?
  23. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    My battery also died after about 2 years. I bought a new one off eBay for about $4. See the "eBay battery" thread below for a link. I get 3 to 4 days of standby with my new battery.

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