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nothing new?General

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  1. Rocky4u

    Rocky4u Well-Known Member


    nothing new?
    no new firmware?!

  2. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member

  3. Rocky4u

    Rocky4u Well-Known Member

    I think I am running that one. I was expecting for LEOS v3 which seems is not ready...
    the other thing is that google is preparing to release android Jelly Beam (v5) and we don't even have a gingerbread version (I mean official one).

    well... still waiting
  4. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member

    I see Lenovo is releasing a lot of new smartphones here in China, and the Lenovo app store now contains a lot of apps. I hope this means that will go on improving the OS. My impression is that Lenovo is quickly learning how to make smartphones and improving on the software side, too.

    The only problem for us foreigners is that so far they are not selling their smartphones outside of China, so there is no English version of the app store.
    So far there are some tablets sold abroad.

    About the LePhone: I have to say that after watching some smartphones from the competitors I realized that the hardware quality of my old LePhone 3C101 is quite good. Although a little heavier than the rest, it feels solid and has an unique style. And the display is much better than most of the smartphones out there. The OS is quite decent now, I think that if they had put a solid OS from the beginning this phone would have done so much better.
  5. koh1994

    koh1994 New Member

    Try MIUI ROM 2.1.13 BY MCMING:
    ROM HERE: lephone.it168.com/thread-340357652-1-1.html
    GUIDE: lephone.it168.com/thread-340357032-1-1.html
  6. King_bob

    King_bob Well-Known Member

    you would hope that by now, they would have a OS v4 out.... :(
  7. k.oleg

    k.oleg Member

  8. TCSS001

    TCSS001 New Member

    i am told that the CPU does not suppose the gingerbread version......

    so ....
  9. linus zhang

    linus zhang Member

    I think miui is best os.

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