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  1. armccants

    armccants New Member

    So I recently purchased an LG Optimus S! And I was wondering how I can use my downloaded ringtones for my notifications? The ones I've downloaded only appear in the phone ringtone section =(
    I was also wondering was there a way I can have a different ringtone for each notification....Like my texts have a ringtone, then my email has a different ringtone, and so on and so forth!
    Any info will be greatly appreciated!

  2. TheEngineer

    TheEngineer Well-Known Member

    Copy them to media/audio/notifications using a file manager like Astro or while connected to your computer.
  3. armccants

    armccants New Member

    Thanks!!! I'll give it a try!!!
  4. WTylerJeter

    WTylerJeter Member

    I use Zedge from the Market. They have different categories (ringtones, alert tones, wallpapers, etc.) that you can choose from. Once you are in the category you are looking for and you find what you want just click on the download button then on the set button and it automatically sets it for you. I'm sure you can mess with moving files around on your MicroSD card but this seemed the easiest for me.
  5. osiris010

    osiris010 New Member

    to the op: this is slightly off topic however, you have an Optimus S and i need your help lol

    i used to own an optimus s and the one thing i really miss about it was actually one of the default/pre installed alarm tones. i believe the alarm tone was titled "good morning" however i am not quite sure anymore.

    if you could copy that tone and upload it on here it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks =)

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