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  1. badisthebest

    badisthebest New Member

    Alright ladies and gentleman, I am new to the site but its to be pretty nice. That being said. I have a Samsung Stratosphere SCH-I405 with firmware 2.3.5 on it.

    The problem I am having really isn't that huge of a deal, just that it bugs me. It is showing an app or something that is running when my phone is turned of. The icon looks like the wireless signal bars but are on the left hand side on the top like your would get when someone sent you a text. The weird part is that I can never get it to stay up. It disappears as soon as you turn the phone on, or unlock it. So as soon as you touch the power button, if you look in the left top corner it shows that there is something there but then immediately goes away. So I cant even do a screen capture to show you guys what it is. Is there a way to see what is running and what was running? or has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? or know what I can try to make it stop. Yes I have powered it off and yes I have rebooted it. I also have an app that tells me what the active applications are and it doesn't show on there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    the only symbol that displays while the phone is turned off is if it is plugged in and charging it shows a charing indicator on the screen, if it is off the only action you can take is to hold the power button in and turn the phone back on. If you push the power button and you get the unlock screen the phone is not turned off

    maybe take a picture of what its doing so that we can see what you are talking about because if the phone is off nothing is running
  3. badisthebest

    badisthebest New Member

    The phone isn't turned off, just locked. then when you press the power button and the lock screen shows up the symbol is there, but after a quick second it disappears. So I can't take a screen cap of it cuz it goes away soooo quick.
  4. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    I believe this is the lockscreen app running in the background, which goes away when you unblank the screen. The only to truly tell if it is part of the firmware or something you added, you would have to factory reset and try it. But if you not having problems or battery drain, I wouldn't worry about it. I think I saw it in the past on my Stratosphere, but I don't have a Stratosphere anymore so I can't verify that.

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