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notification bar bug?Support

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  1. mike420

    mike420 Well-Known Member

    One of the most annoying things i have found is that while your on a phone call if your screen is on the call itself or even the dialpad or anything to do with the call you can NOT pull down ur notification bar u have to go to ur home screen which is god awful annoying when you have text come in or just anything happen while ur on the phone u cant pull the bar down no u have to go to ur homescreen hope they fix this soon

  2. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    Something that's even more annoying is the use of no punctuation. :p

    That was God awful hard to read.
    EdenObscured likes this.
  3. mike420

    mike420 Well-Known Member

    haha sorry what are punctuations
  4. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    periods..commas..exclamation points..etc. :)

    I noticed this too, but seems like it should be a simple enough fix. Perhaps other launchers will have this remedied as well? I really don't have it happen that often, so switching out to the home screen won't really bother me at the moment, and then I'll just switch back after I check the alert.
  5. EdenObscured

    EdenObscured Well-Known Member

    Its a new phone. Waiting game for fixes. Watch football to pass the time :)
  6. crankerchick

    crankerchick Well-Known Member

    This isn't a bug, it's a feature. At least, I believe so anyway. The original Droid is the same. Seems alternate launchers change this, but stock android behaves as you have described.

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