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  1. sailare

    sailare Member


    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1(3G) and recently i have noticed this weird symbol on the notification bar.

    Because of this i cannot get proper notifications like text messages, Android updates notification etc.

    Please help me!

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  2. sailare

    sailare Member

    Hmmm.... got it my self.

    It seems that I accidently turned off Notification button from the bar. :D
  3. lengzaipang

    lengzaipang New Member


    I need help~~ i also in the same situation~~
    can u teach me how to solve it??
  4. sailare

    sailare Member

    My device was a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (3G).
    just click on the "Pull Up" Bar (Notification bar), where there are all notifications.

    There should be a Wifi,Gps,silent mode etc. slide the part of the bar left and there would be an option called "Notification".
    Click on it and it should turn on your notifications.

    I will provide u screenshot if you are still confused.
    Which device do u have?

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