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    Sep 27, 2011
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    Hoping someone can help me out on this one...?

    When someone calls and I miss the call I get a notification with name and number and that is excellent.

    When someone calls and I miss the call and a VOICEMAIL is left I DO NOT recieve a notification with name and number....what I do get is a notification of a voicemail but no name and number. The reason it is killing me is that when you have multiple notifications of missed calls I assume the voicemail is from one of those numbers when in reality it is from a number not listed in the notifications.

    The other problem is that when a voicemail is left, not only is there no caller identified notification...the number is also not listed in the call log.

    Anyone know how I can fix? Or is there another notification program which can better solve my issue.

    Looking forward to hearing any thoughts, this one is causing me grief!


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