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  1. wetchckn

    wetchckn Member

    Just found this app in Google Play that, with root access, the Marquee can use the haptic keys (not sure what to call them, the four soft buttons with lights at the bottom) lights as notification lights

    The developer has stopped working on the app because he got a new phone. However, I can confirm running CTMod 3.6.5 with HYPER 1.5 that it works. It lights up the eyeglass light only, for texts, missed calls and Gmail (but you can make it notify you for any app) . I successfully customized it to pulse at the tine/rhythm I want.

    Anyways, I posted this to 1 get the word out there about it and 2 to see if any developers would like to, with credit to the apps dev of course, use the coding to implement it into ROMs or update the app itself to use other lights, or light up blue, etc? Who knows how this can go. I'm not a coder myself, just a messenger :)

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  2. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    KEWLLLL.NIce find.:thumb:

    UPDATE: I went ahead and installed this and it works very well. Thanks again form sharing your find. :D

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  3. jojocat

    jojocat Member

    I tried using this some time back with stock but had problems where the notification would turn off right away within seconds. I think it may have been related to the fact that I'm using the sprint/google voice integration, but not sure.

    I sent a note to the developer and got a response indicating he would be willing to field some questions backed with some good logging/troubleshooting info, but I haven't found time to get into it again.

    Agreed, though, it would be a great thing for a marquee specific custom rom since LG/sprint didn't manage to get this notification led solution implemented.
  4. ndno

    ndno Well-Known Member

    Yeah I tried this a few months ago but the magnifying glass led only goes on for about one second and then off. Please share your settings to keep it on or blinking for a while; it's of no use if it just stays on for 1 second. Thanks
  5. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yep, the lights buggy. Sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't. Also, I had a missed call and text at the same time and the bottom lights started flashing in a sequence from left to right. It would be nice to have if it worked like it was supposed to.
  6. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    ive used yhat app when i first got the phone. i found it very wanting. ive been looking at taskers missed call and recieved sms as events and use a audio or vibrate notifaction. i watched this thread to see what would happen with it.
  7. wetchckn

    wetchckn Member

    Can anybody here take over the app and develop it?

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