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  1. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Dismember VIP Member

    After searching online, there isn't one thread I found where the constant blinking notification light problem was solved.

    I uninstalled Handscent, and the blinking light is now purple instead of blue.


  2. Yenzehn

    Yenzehn Well-Known Member

  3. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Dismember VIP Member

    Yes, awhile back. It's buggy so I uninstalled it.

    I did a factory reset and the problem ceased.
  4. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Dismember VIP Member

    I found out the REAL culprit was Yahoo's Mail app, where one account was set with no notifications. I removed that account and the purple notification light ceased.

    I added the second account back, and the problem came back as soon as that account received a new email.

    I tested this three times so I'm absolutely sure this was the cause.
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  5. Rodent

    Rodent Well-Known Member

    I get this problem from time to time also. I had to uninstall easy reminder because it kept going off when I had already read the texts or checked missed calls. Light flow keeps blinking also.

    I noticed that I have to read a text then back out of the text that takes me to the main text app instead of just turning off the phone after reading it, else it keeps beeping/blinking. Get the same thing with missed calls sometimes, but I dont know how to fix that one.
  6. prushnix

    prushnix New Member

    I can confirm your finding that it definitely is Yahoo Mail app causing the notification light to blink.
    I have been having this annoying issue for the past couple of months and couldn't really find a reason behind it.
    After reading your post, I sent a email to myself and as soon as I received the message the notification light started blinking purple after a small sound.(as it usually happens). When I checked the email through the yahoo mail app the blinking ceased. I did this twice to double check and can confirm it is the yahoo mail app.

    I just made a account in this forum website just to thank you and confirm your finding is right because it has been such a annoying issue. :)

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