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  1. josh6025

    josh6025 Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 X, SGH-T989, from Telus with stock Android ICS v4.0.3 and everytime I'm listening to music and receive a new notification from a text or an email my headphones get "disconnected" and all the sound, including my music, comes out of my phones speaker for a few seconds and than it switches back to my headphones.

    I am not using the headphones that came with my phone and my music app is Poweramp,

  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey, I moved this to the Samsung Galaxy S2 X forum. Thanks for understanding.
  3. josh6025

    josh6025 Member

    This is not necessarily an issue related to the Galaxy S2 X, which is why I posted in a general forum.

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