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  1. ZMD

    ZMD New Member

    Is there a way to specify which notifications are audible? As a physician, I get "paged" via SMS, so I need to be alerted for new texts. Unfortunately, I'm also being awakened at least a couple times each night for new emails.:(

  2. FishDoctor

    FishDoctor Well-Known Member

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  3. ZMD

    ZMD New Member

    I checked out each, and installed Sound Manager, but it wasn't the volume of the notifications, but more specifically, which notification would be audible that I was hoping to select. The software seems to apply to any notification, not a particular type.
  4. FishDoctor

    FishDoctor Well-Known Member

    I think I understand now... hmmm... I am pretty sure you could do this with an app called "tasker," but that might be overkill. Maybe you could select different notification sounds in your e-mail and SMS apps. Make the e-mail sound something really quiet, but have something more audible for SMS pages. I have three different e-mail accounts I track -- each of those has a different incoming mail sound -- and my SMS, using Handcent, also has a different notification sound. That doesn't help with different times of the day, though...would just give you quiet or silent e-mail notifications.

    Maybe someone else will have a suggestion.
  5. ZMD

    ZMD New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I checked the Gmail options and just turned off the notifications. It seems obvious in hindsight, but I wasn't aware that Gmail had these options. I thought the phone software managed it. Hopefully, I'll get more sleep tonight.
  6. Raven93

    Raven93 Active Member

    Normally at night I silence my dinc but wen I'm on call for my job I use a app called Setting Profiles Lite - App Brian which I have set to turn off all my notification and set my ring tone to a lower volume. I get my call notices via phone calls. Also this app lets you set many setting like screen brightness and call volume, which is great in the middle of the night. The Lite version is free and does everything I need.

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