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  1. Xiamen

    Xiamen Active Member This Topic's Starter

    May 19, 2010
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    I've noticed an odd issue with my notification sound when i use CardioTrainer.

    Pre-froyo I never noticed this.
    When I run I turn my phone on vibrate mode so texts don't interrupt my music or updates from CardioTrainer while I run. Before this was no problem. My notification volume in CardioTrainer would still work, but my texts would only vibrate during the run.

    Now when I turn my phone on vibrate my notification volume is completely turned off.
    I have MADE SURE that the volume options are not linked in the audio settings so that i can control them independently. When I manually change my sound settings to make my ringtone volume off and my notification volume to be on, a few seconds after the change (or upon exiting the sound settings menu) the notification is automatically turned off.

    I have made the change and stayed in the sound settings and my phone automatically switched it while looking at the menu...

    Is this not possible anymore? Am I not able to have notification volume on WHILE having my ringtone volume off? It's driving me nuts.


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