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  1. garrisonboy

    garrisonboy Member

    Just got my Moment and noticed that I can not have different tones for text, voicemail, and email. They all have to be the same as well as when I plug the usb cord into and disconnect it from the phone. Any idea if 2.1 is going to allow people to customize the tones for the phone? I really depend on those. I use the sound to determine weather or not I need to get to the phone to check on it or if I can just ignore it. Also any idea on the voice command? The one that comes with it is worthless, I really liked the "live search" from the instict and you would think Samsung would be able to put in the moment since it was in the instinct.

  2. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    :confused: U don't have Settings on ur moment???
  3. garrisonboy

    garrisonboy Member

    Yes I do, but if you read my question it states is it possible to have text, voicemail, and e-mail each have their own tone. As of now the Moment only allows you to have one tone for all of the above. I would like for each of them to have their own tone. I am hoping 2.1 will allow this to happen.
  4. baddubbin

    baddubbin Well-Known Member

    umm, you can go into each and change the notification for each...

    ie. open up messaging, hit menu, goto settings, select ringtone.

    repeat for email and voicemail.
  5. xxbbyxxgirlxx

    xxbbyxxgirlxx Active Member

    ^^^ They mean for like.... texting, go into the texting screen and go to settings within the texting screen to change the notification, so on and so forth.
  6. garrisonboy

    garrisonboy Member

    Good news! The folks at the Sprint store didn't know about this, thanks for the info!! The only thing I can't seem to do is get the tone for the voicemail and the usb (i.e. charging port) to be different. I tried the above tips and it didn't work for this, any ideas?
  7. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    Voicemail & USB are gonna be 1 in the same but u can change them; those 2 are the default notification ringtone...
  8. zzeo1987

    zzeo1987 New Member

    ^^ this helped me with an other issue i've been having, :p


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