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  1. Glynnister

    Glynnister New Member


    I basically have 2 simple issues in coming from an iPhone.
    The first is the vibrate function. I can use the volume rocker to turn the volume down to vibrate, however if I accidentally tap it when using it, I turn the notifications onto silent with no vibration without even knowing it....
    Is there anything I can do to lock it onto vibrate?

    Secondly how can I make it vibrate when I have tweets and Facebook notifications?
    I get vibrations from what's app and messages etc but with the other apps it just pops up on the bar, the led flashes blue and that's i.


  2. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    If you go into Settings --> Sound you can configure notification vibrations. In fact you can make a custom vibration pattern and assign it to an app (or make many). Very cool feature.
  3. warpfactor

    warpfactor Member

    Both facebook and twitter have there notification settings in the app.

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