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  1. jonnojohnson

    jonnojohnson New Member

    My wife's Atrix (Gingerbread) keeps getting notifications for apps that she hasn't installed and that apparently don't exist.
    The notifications have the Android icon. Clicking on them takes you to the app store but usually gets a "Item not found" page.
    The most recent one is "Temple Run Beta officially released" but has also seen ones that talk about free tv streaming app.
    Looking at the apps she has installed I can't see any that look bad but I'm not sure. Any ideas what might be causing this? I'm not too Android familiar so I'm not sure where to start.

  2. BabyBlues

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    Hi jonnojohnson - Welcome to Android Forums.

    This sounds like an app that is installed uses Air Push Ads which would do this. You can install Ad Network Detector from Lookout which should tell you what app is causing this. Once you remove the app the notifications should stop.

    You can find other useful information regarding the Atrix in the sub forums for that phone.

    Here's the forum for the Atrix 2
    And here's the link for the Atrix 4G
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  4. jonnojohnson

    jonnojohnson New Member

    Thanks guys. Turns out it was a Toddler Paint app that was add-based in the free version. Poor way to monetize though as it just annoyed/confused my wife. Air Push Detector worked simply and nicely.
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