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  1. desqjockey

    desqjockey Member

    My galaxy Nexus just keeps vibrating and I cant find a way to make it stop. I have changed my default notification ring tone to 'silent' and 'vibrate on notify' off, plus gone through every single app to change settings and I cannot make it stop.

    It notifies me when it has wireless, it notifies me when it does not have wireless, it notifies me when many wireless signals are available. It notifies me that I have failed to acknowledge prior notifications. Sometimes it notifies me for no apparent reason.

    This must stop! It seems to have picked up a lot in the more recent updates. I only want to know if I have a text message or a facebook message. That is it, and I have those enabled at the app level. Nothing else.


  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Are you running a custom ROM or stock?
    Do you have lightflow installed by any chance? An app like lightflow can take over notifications for other apps. I know it can do loss of signal and regained signal notification.
  3. desqjockey

    desqjockey Member

    Bone stock wrt ROMs.
    If I could just turn off all non-SMS/fb alerts or vibrations I would be good.

    I miss a lot of texts because I am insensitive to being alerted by my phone (even though I hsve a different audio sms alert.
  4. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you are stock and not running lightflow or something similar, then the notifications should be set at the app level for the most part.

    WiFi - go to settings, click on WiFi, click on the 3 dot menu button at the bottom right. Choose advanced. Uncheck notify me of open wireless connections.

    What other notifications are you getting that you don't want?
  5. desqjockey

    desqjockey Member

    well that got rid of the wi-fi but not the others.

    It has been buzzing all day today w/no notifications up top
    I turned off Facebook notifications completely- perhaps it was notifying me on invent invitations.

    Thanks for your help but this is really driving me nuts!
  6. desqjockey

    desqjockey Member

    Still buzzing 20+ times a day for no apparent reason.
  7. desqjockey

    desqjockey Member

    Apparently the phone is wringing from every single email I get on any gmail account- this is a problem others have Issue 39592 - android - 4.2 -- phone vibrates on email receipt even when setting is to "no vibration" in both gmail and mail - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting

    The worst thing is, ignoring your app settings is apparently a "feature" and was done intentionally.

    My phone will not survive the week, there is no way I can deal with this, it buzzes all night and all day at work.
  8. kg2128

    kg2128 Well-Known Member

    You can try turning off all gmail notifications, which is something I do anyway because it bugs me. If you want to keep the notifications but lose only the vibrate then you might be SOL. Maybe try flashing a custom rom?
  9. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    If you're not rooted, do a factory reset. If the Gmail app is corrupt in some way, then a fresh install after a factory reset should give you fresh uncorrupted files.
  10. desqjockey

    desqjockey Member

    Not rooted, stock
  11. Stevie D

    Stevie D Well-Known Member

    I have as Sprint Galaxy Nexus, that's started to drive me crazy also. I'm getting a, so far unidentifiable notification sound, that repeats for unknown reasons. I first noticed the sound when just putting the phone down. As of today it's repeating that sound, hundreds of times an hour. I've checked apps for this notification sound to no avail. I've also turned off notifications and it still made the noise. I've also looked under and tested every notification and ring tone to see if it was one of those. Nope, cant find it there.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to where to look?

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