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  1. splesmith

    splesmith Member

    I just rooted yesterday (had to use two computers--mine for heimdall, and my grandfather's for adb) and I was playing with a bunch of root-only applications when I noticed that my notifications bar was gone. I can't get to notifications through the menu button either. The notifications button is in the menu, but nothing happens when I push it.

    I didn't delete anything. I froze some apps, but nothing improved when I unfroze them. I believe I did something wrong with metamorph, and that's how I lost everything. Anyway, among all the other problems with not having a notification bar, I can no longer connect storage to the PC.

    I didn't make a backup because my grandfather has a stratosphere as well, and I figured I could copy anything I needed off of his phone.

    So how can I fix this?

  2. splesmith

    splesmith Member

    So my modest understanding of the problem tells me I need to either copy the systemui file from the other phone to this one, or flash a new ROM.

    The problem with copying the file is that it's hard to read from/write to the folder where it's located.

    The problem with flashing a new ROM is that I just know nothing about it.

    So does anyone have any suggestions with either of these solutions? Am I completely off on my theories here?
  3. bubbalv29

    bubbalv29 Well-Known Member

    You should have made a back up. It was a bad idea to go without one. Have you tried a factory reset yet?
  4. splesmith

    splesmith Member

    Well, like I said, I have another stratosphere. I can back that one up and use that backup. And factory reset didn't help any.
  5. splesmith

    splesmith Member

    So I downloaded the stock ROM, extracted systemui.apk, used Root Browser to copy it to /system/apps. Root Browser automatically renamed it to "systemui.apk - Copy" or something like that. I changed the name back to what it should be, it asked if I wanted to overwrite the original, I said yes, and restarted. Now I have my notification bar back without having to backup my phone or factory reset (again) or anything. So if anyone wants to know how to do it in the future, that's how.

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