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Notifications on Home Page?

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  1. Dutch.Stallion

    Dutch.Stallion New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 14, 2010
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    I got a Droid X and it is super sweet. Just have a few questions....

    1) I have my Gmail, Hotmail and Work Exchange Server all linked. Very easy to do and it works great. The one thing I miss (only thing) from my WM6.5 phone is the notifications that pop for meetings, new messages and texts. Can I do this with the Messages Widget? I would like something to pop up on the home page and show something on the locked screen.

    2) I am having trouble hooking the phone up to my computer to transfer photos and other files from my old SD card on my old phone. The XP laptop I am using with the DROID X goes REALLY SLOW to transfer photos. The XP loads up some Motorola software when I plug the phone in, but it works very poorly.



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