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  1. Thana Niveau

    Thana Niveau Member

    On my old feature phone, if the phone had timed out and someone texted me, the phone would wake up with my message alert tone and a pop-up screen of the person texting me. (It would go back to sleep after 5 seconds or so if I ignored it.)

    Is there a way of tailoring notifications on the HTC so that the same thing happens if I get a text? I don't want it to go off every single time someone comments on a Facebook post or I get an email, but I'd like to be notified of texts when the phone is snoozing.

    Thanks for any help!


  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi Thana, and welcome to AF :)

    I've not used the HTC message app for almost 3 years (so it will have changed in that time anyway), but check the settings of the message app, I assume notification settings. Perhaps also lock-screen settings. My wife's Desire C often has a message notice on its lockscreen, so there must be some way.

    If it doesn't have anything that meets your needs, then all 3rd party message apps I've met can do this (download from the play store). There are also stand-alone message popup apps (e.g. SMS Popup) in the play store, if you just want to add that functionality without changing messaging app.
  3. Thana Niveau

    Thana Niveau Member

    Thanks. I've ticked "notifications off" on Gmail. It still bleeped at first but I did it again and now it seems to be quiet. I also downloaded SMS Popup so hopefully that will solve my problem. Many thanks! :)

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