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  1. Sparky_angel

    Sparky_angel New Member

    Ok this is probably a stupid question but just wondering if the Samsung Galaxy Ace has this or if I'm on a wild goose chase! Ya know when you get a text msg or email or missed call and some phones have a notification light that flashes to let you know there is something to be checked.

    Does the Samsung Galaxy Ace have that? If so where do I find the settings?

    Thanks a mill! :)

  2. chillyouout

    chillyouout Active Member

    Definitely, don't have.
  3. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    just slide down our notification bar...
  4. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    or else download nd use go launcher ex frm market... its free...
  5. anzuki04

    anzuki04 Member

  6. stefaneigh6

    stefaneigh6 New Member

    Isnt there a way to make the settings and back button flash?
  7. kicsrules

    kicsrules Active Member

    yes its called BLN you can find it on the market / play store
  8. shannianni

    shannianni Member

    hi there i had the same problem with missed calls messages etc, i found this free app from the play store, its called
    easy reminder

    so when you set it up it will constantly ring untill you look at what is missed, great app and its free

    so no more missed anything;)

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