Notion Adam vs Netbook & android software questions

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  1. jago25_98

    jago25_98 Well-Known Member

    Being used to linux I want to have full control, install whatever I want, do what I want with my new tablet.

    I have been waiting for a long time for the Notion Ink Adam for one main reason - to have the Pixel Qi screen. The device seems pretty sweet so I have been waiting out for this instead of making my own PixelQi Netbook for a little less the price. The reason for this is that, sitting in an airport, say, it's just nicer to sit with a tablet than fiddle with a Netbook... that's the only reason really.

    However, I read today that the android app market might not work with the Adam.

    Has anyone heard anything about that?

    The other thing that makes me wonder about getting this tablet is that,
    it's $550 and I won't be able to run Excel for work things and RosettaStone for language learning. However... there might be a possibility of cross compiling/quick redevelopment of linux packages from source... so we get access to all that... right?

    I wonder if there might be a VMWare for Android in later versions.
    And I also wonder what I'm getting myself into with Android... whether I might be getting into a legally/physically limited version of linux in a way (in which case perhaps I prefer a Windows Netbook in any case)... I mean... if they want DRM support perhaps they might try to build some pain in the ass thing into the kernel anyway... I don't know.

    So I guess what I'm looking for is.... is it wise to wait/get a Norton Adam (I'm happy to wait a bit more)... or spend ~$100 less on a homemade N130 Netbook with dual boot Winbloze/linux & a pixelQi screen?


  2. nkk

    nkk Well-Known Member

    Three things:

    It is Notion Ink. Not Notation.

    Whar are you trying to cross-compile from source? Excel? Where the Heck are you getting Excel source code? Or are you looking to take tarballs of source code and compile them for Android? I do not think that will work as easily as you think it will, if at all. However, I may be wrong.

    I heard that it will not have the market, but I also heard they will be getting it after 2.3. Rumors at best.

    The Adam should be able to run the ARM ports of Ubuntu/other Linux OS that has an ARM port. At least that was the plan initially. It does not come with Ubuntu, but give the guys at XDA some time and it should be good to go. Adam has the specs for Ubuntu, so it is perfectly reasonable thing to do.

    As for a VM--not on those specs and Android. In Ubuntu, fine, but on 1GB RAM you will have a really hard time supporting Ubuntu + other OS. There will probably not be any VM program for android any time soon.


    EDIT: I say go buy it, but then again I have had my preorder in since they opened, so I may be biased a bit.
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  3. jago25_98

    jago25_98 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info bud.

    I wonder if a ram upgrade is possible... I guess I could dual boot with a super cut down ubuntu and attempt to run VMWare or something similar... yeah, would be hard... with a win98 image in it perhaps or a super cut down XP... hmm... I think that might just be possible? But then... I'm not sure VMWare is available for ARM... something else like Xen might be though.. will have to investigate.

    As for cross compiling, what I mean is, to redevelop OpenOffice for Android, a separate thing to the VM idea.

    Sounds pretty good. Think I'll wait for order rather than preorder though.

    Darn, I bet the PSU is teh size of a house
  4. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

  5. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Title of thread fixed as well as spelling of Notion.

    TS out
  6. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Can you point me to where you read about those aspect on the Adam? From everything I have read, the Market question has never been answered officially.

    And the excel aspect - the Adam is supposed to come with a full office suit - which I thought you were able to read/edit/view MS office documents. I am not sure of this one but that was what I thought.

    And Moderator:
    The company is called "Notion Ink". Not Norton.
  7. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    lmao, damn i need glasses, not only did i misspell it in this thread, but everywhere else i posted lol oh well. all fixed now.

    TS out
  8. jago25_98

    jago25_98 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I will check that out for interest's sake but I meant the other way round - Windows inside Android.

    Thanks for spelling correction mod. Great minds think alike, including ridiculous spelling cufuffles

  9. jago25_98

    jago25_98 Well-Known Member

    There's a port of Xen to arm (Xen-arm?) so it's possible to have XP inside Android in thoery
  10. jago25_98

    jago25_98 Well-Known Member

    The big reason why I liked Android was that I am fed up of buying a phone or laptop only to have it unable to run the latest software only a few years later, not because of hardware but because of the software.

    It happened to me with the SonyEricson P800, K750, n95 and the E55 will surely be next.

    But then I found this article:

    Android’s Many Versions And What’s In Them | Lifehacker Australia

    In short, it says that multiple version of Android by interfering mobile carriers threaten the upgradability.

    (I never get a phone by contract, if you subtract the phone value by the minutes you usually get a price only a little cheaper than prepay and that's assuming you use all your minutes, so all contracts, and the people who have them, yes, all of you (in the UK and US with a string prepay market), are stupid, but I digress...)

    How future proof do you think Android is?

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