"Notion Ink Adam Used Stolen Idea in their Prototype Concept". Is this Real?

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  1. Deviatore

    Deviatore Member

    I was browsing Reddit when I saw this article :-

    Shocking. Notion Ink Adam Used Stolen Idea in their Prototype Concept

    It says that the prototype interface which was rendered by NI and used for promotion was stolen from Enigma, a rainmeter theme. There's a little discussion going on it too, if you scroll down to the comments section.

    I was just wondering, are their speculations real? :confused:

  2. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Its real - sort of - but in the scheme of things its not that big a deal. Its more of a sign of sloppy attention to details.

    Its not stolen at all. Its free and open source. What they are guilty of is not crediting the source. This is the second time they have failed to credit a source. And I'll bet there are more like it. But its not stealing. Its also misleading since the source in question is for windows, not android.
  3. Deviatore

    Deviatore Member

    Second time? Tell me more about the first time?

    And if you use it fr commercial purpose without crediting that too when you had assured that the image wont be used again but yu are still using it.
  4. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Their Mail'D app is based on the K9 mail app but they did not give credit to K9,

    Its hard to say NI used this image for commercial purposes. They were not selling anything yet and in fact did not use the software at all on the tablet. Someone who thought the image was pretty cool photo shopped it onto an image of the Adam.

    Was it dumb? yup. What is illegal? seems a little gray area to me but other than not crediting the source I would lean towards not.

    Persoanly - I think this is all a bunch of BS. If people (news people, not you) want to slam the tablet for what it is - go for it. It has its flaws and focusing on that is more productive than focusing on some petty source crediting of open source stuff.

    Just my humble opinion....

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