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Notorious "Message expired or not available" MMS debacle

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  1. Papamalo

    Papamalo Well-Known Member

    Experiencing this well known problem.
    anything over 160 characters always converts to a multimedia message in my rooted LG esteem running Plague kernel.

    As a result the default message app won't send photos either.
    I have seen this in dozens of forums with no answers.

    Since I spent nearly $500 on this phone and extra battery and extras, I'd like to be able to send a simple picture with a text message.

    Does anyone have definitive information on this?



  2. Optimus_User

    Optimus_User Well-Known Member

    The stock texting application doesn't allow anything that'll exceed the 160 character limit. Even worse, once it exceeds the limit -- it'll never send. You have to use an aftermarket texting app. Try GO SMS or one of the other various you can find on the Play Store.
  3. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    This is all correct.

    Download GOSMS and youll be good to go. ;)
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  4. hvrc

    hvrc Well-Known Member

    Turn off wifi and make sure you have data signal. Only time I have that problem... other then that I can send videos and such...
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  5. Papamalo

    Papamalo Well-Known Member

    thanks you guys!

    I did the GOSMS thing and will see if I can send pictures.
    regardless both the standard message app, and GOSMS both refuse to download small pics my girlfriend is sending me, and I get this message "Message expired or not available" which is the same message i get when trying to send a pic as well.



  6. waqary

    waqary New Member

    On my Galaxy S4 i was having the same problem. I went to APN settings and made sure that they were all correct as per my carrier. Mobile data has to be on in order to forward MMS at least in my case. I used to browse web but it was just the MMS which was having the problem. Please make sure in your APN settings MMSC path is correct and APN TYPE is correct. Good luck

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