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  1. John P

    John P Well-Known Member

    I have just installed Nova Launcher, as it is the only one that supports Missed It. But I cannot seem to line my apps and widgets up.
    The apps go to the top of the grid, but the widgets go to the centre of the grid so it looks weird. Is there a way to line them up?
    The widgets I am using look exactly like an app icon, hence the need to line them up.


  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Hold and drag the widget where you want it.
  3. Toosploos

    Toosploos Well-Known Member

    Long press on a widget and you can slide and move it around as you please - pretty much like any other launcer really. If you hit resize from the little menu that pops out after a long press you can (I bet you feel this one coming:) resize the app icon or the widget.
    Beware: if there isnt enough room on the screen you can not move things around. So if you want the widget to be on top, start with that one from and empty screen and put the apps there after the widget is in place.
  4. John P

    John P Well-Known Member

    Yes I know I can move things around and resize widgets but what i mean is my apps are automatically going to the top of each grid position, I would like each app icon to sit in the centre of its grid position, rather than aligning to the top. Its hard to explain but does that make sense?
  5. John P

    John P Well-Known Member

    They positioned central on touchwiz, but not on Nova Launcher
  6. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    Nova launcher allows you to set the amount of rows and columns you can have on the home screen.

    Nova Settings->Desktop->Desktop Grid

    From there you can set the Rows and Columns, it may take sometime to find the right configuration, just make sure you test it in both landscape and portrait (sometimes it looks good in one and not the other).

    Also I would set the Width Margin and Height Margin (the options under the Desktop Grid) to small or none to get the positions to change.
  7. Toosploos

    Toosploos Well-Known Member

    It does make sense. There's a (invisible) grid that ultimately determines the position of the app. Dont think you can adjust that but - if I understand you correctly - we're talking about a jump of a couple of millimeters...
    Choose your battles, man :)
  8. John P

    John P Well-Known Member

    Yes thats a good description :)

    It is very noticeable though, more than a couple of mm, it doesn't line up at all :(
  9. asian81

    asian81 Member

    What is the best margin setup for nexus 7 using it in horizontal for ova??

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