now i need help with root

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  1. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    i had rooted just fine but now that my wifi is out i no longer have root access.
    i have superuser.apk and su in the right places and they seem to work ok but no root.
    i tryed to reroot with v2 and it says "/system/xbin/su: write error: No space left on device"
    any ideas whats wrong?

  2. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    judging by the no space left message, i would suggest using apps2sd or similar to move available apps to the sd card and free up internal memory, then retry?
  3. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    i don't have but a few apps reinstalled.
    i did a factory reset to try to get wifi back but no luck with that.
    i can send the intire copy of what the dosbox says when i run the root program if you think it will help.
    am going to call boost and report my phone "lost" and try to get a new one anyway but am hoping to get this one back up and running too
  4. BiHFSA

    BiHFSA Active Member

    Did you move/delete any files using file manager or such?
  5. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    not that i can find.
    all my folders have the same files as the system file i downloaded from one of the other threads here so i don't think anything is missing unless the wifi took something out with it.

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