Now That I'm Rooted, What Should I Do?

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    Hey guys. I just recently finished rooting my HTC EVO 4G, thanks to the wonderful assistance of ocnbrze and this wonderful guide:

    Now I would like to know what ROMs people generally like to flash. I currently have CyanogenMod7 and ReLoaded, but I would like to see any others so I can find one I really like. (CM7 and .500 are pretty similar so far, anyway.)

    I would like to try some out that are pretty far away from the stock ROM.

    Also, does anyone know if Jelly Bean is stable for HTC Evo 4G?

    What Themes do you generally like? Any that are particularly popular or pretty?

    And finally, what Apps should I get, like ROM Toolbox, etc.?

    Thank you, androidforums. You got my phone rooted in an hour after I have been trying at it for days.

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