Now that its been a while, Wireless Charging?Tips

  1. daniel178

    daniel178 Well-Known Member

    Now that wireless charging has been out a while, what do people think are the best options? Mainly in terms of battery cover and charging pad, I guess. I've decided that I'd like to try it. I know that it takes longer, but it would be primarily for my overnight charging.


  2. whitecollar

    whitecollar Clericus Geekicus VIP Member

    I love mine that I used for my Droid 4. Pad from Verizon, charging pad. Use it on my night table for over night.
  3. daniel178

    daniel178 Well-Known Member

    thanks, did you also get your battery cover from Verizon too?
  4. fendee1

    fendee1 Member

    The charging pad sits by the night table, but i have 6 to 7 USB phone chargers throughout the house ,but at a cost of a pad. Its just a cool factor. My power connection broke that why I had one. Wish it was on more devices like a mouse. Or TV remote that sits on a pad.

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