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NTFS problem with Tim6a rom

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  1. _kal_el_

    _kal_el_ Member

    Hey everyone! I have a Superpad II Flytouch 3 with tim6a rom installed but I have realized I dont have the features that Tim6a Rom "promised". Here a list of what I've found so far:

    -It doesnt support External Hard Disk with NTFS;
    -Can't surf on the internet in websites that require Flash Player;
    -Tablet isn't really faster than with the standard fabric Rom;
    -It doesnt support Hawueii 3G usb pen;

    Do you have the same problems?

    Any idea that can help me?

    Thank you all in advance :)


  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

  3. _kal_el_

    _kal_el_ Member

    Hey dart16, first of all I have to thank you for answering me.

    Second I'd like to tell you, and I hope you don't take it in the rude way, your post didn't help me at all nor even guided me in the answers direction.

    Before I posted this thread I've search all the forums and mainly the tims page, and then when I didnt find any help I decided to post here.

    If you see what you've posted, its just a link with no help at all for my questions, since i've read that and tried all that tim suggest(please, I dont mean to be rude once again)

    Thank you again for your help anyways mate, but if you can be specific in what I can do, I'd love to be helped by you :)

    Warm hugs from Portugal
    Be well mate
  4. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    NTFS external disks are supported providing they don't require too much power from the USB port, some external cases will require a double usb lead to allow an additional power source to be applied.

    Have you tried the gscript as detailed below?

    The tips section on Tims pages has this entry..

    NTFS USB Disks
    The rom supports ntfs drives.
    To mount them launch the GScript "mount usb drives"
    If it has succeeded the script should tell you OK and will list where it has mounted the partition(s)
    (Note: the default mounter doesn't support ntfs disks, so it'll detect them as unformatted/damaged drive when you insert it, just disregard that message and launch the GScript )

    and not all Huawei USB modems are supported

    3G / Telephony apps
    To avoid unnecessary battery draining they are turned off by default in the rom.
    You can reactivate them with the GScript: "3G Telephony apps On-Off"
    It should work with most Huawei sticks

    Sticks reported to work: E1750, E182E, E161, E160, E173, k3765, 1752, 1752C , K3565, K3520, E1820, 1550e, B970b
    For more information about 3G tips and how to get them to work if it doesn't work out of the box see in s0l's thread

    which seem to answer two of your questions. As later USB modems are released it may be that they will not work, I doubt there is any development being done on these tablets any more....technology moves on!!

    It is a generally accepted view that Tims firmware did optimise the performance of the tablet from the original stock firmware (which was truely awful), and some of the later models were supplied to purchasers with Tims firmware pre-installed, perhaps you had one of these models and that is why you didn't see much improvement when updating to the latest firmware?

    It is also pretty well documented that you need to use the flash application to view flash content, which means that flash is not successful in the stock browser , although, again, from the help pages -

    - Youtube fullscreen HQ (use opera mini or Maxthon web browsers for auto switching to the app in youtube)

    which is a half answer! I believe that you will need to move up to 2.3 to get proper flash support but don't shoot me down if that is wrong...I have not been keeping up with recent developments as I too have moved on!!

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