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Nuance Voice CommandsSupport

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  1. DoodleD

    DoodleD Well-Known Member

    I use a headset with a microphone for Pandora. It has a media button on it that when pushed, will pause or play the Pandora app or accept a phone call in which case Pandora is paused. However, pushing the button with the X brings up the voice command window. Is there anyway to disable or remove this app altogether? If it can be removed, I want to be sure that this app is not associated with the talk to text feature, which I use and like.

    So, is there any way to disable or remove this application from the X?

  2. DoodleD

    DoodleD Well-Known Member

    I spent the morning with tech support from both Verizon and Motorola and learned that the voice command feature is built in to the X and cannot be removed or disabled. Motorola admits there is a glitch that it can't be "disabled" and will send it to their engineers for further research. Motorola did suggest trying a bluetooth headset, so I went to my local Verizon store and purchased a Motorola Wireless/Bluetooth stereo set and sure enough, I am now able to do what I could not do before and now its wireless so I am more than pleased.
  3. snickle

    snickle Member

    If you root the phone you can remove Voice Commands via Titanium backup.

    I did that today.

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