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    NubiNews Reader is your one stop news and rss reader. With built in support for many of the top news sites around BBC,CNN, and New York Times just to name a few. As well as the ability to add your own rss feeds or read from your GoogleReader account.


    NubiNews supports a rich viewing experience for sites and feeds alike including embedded images and customizable font sizes and both a light and dark background option.



    The most powerful feature of this reader though has to be its ability to download content for offline viewing. The app user has the ability to define the amount of content they wish to store on the phone for offline viewing then by simply clicking the little green download arrow in the top left corner the content is stored for later use.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Navigate to the Offline content menu and read away. I have this feature great for those long air flights.


    All around NubiNews provides a smooth and easy viewing experience for the reading of both mainstream news and your favorite rss feeds. In a very simple and easy to configure package.


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