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Number one thing you love/hate about your liquid e?General

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  1. Adenwtf

    Adenwtf New Member

    I am considering buy a liquid E from fido as it is the only android device available, however i have been hearing mixed reviews online. Half the reviews tell me that the phone has a bad touch screen, and that it gets super hot and feels cheap, and the other half tell me its screen is very responsive, the build quality is decent, and that it is only warm.
    I came here to find the truth :eek:

    So my question to you is: what is the number one thing you like about the liquid e, and the number one thing you dislike?

    Also, little side question, how is texting on the phone? i heard from some reviews that its "tooth-grinding" is this true?

    Thanks for your responses ! :)

  2. lquify

    lquify Active Member

    the touchscreen isnt as good as an iphone, but its still pretty good. ive used worse.
    it feels light weight and a lil cheap, but build quality is great.
    it gets warm, but i wouldnt say hot.

    txting on it is fine, although i use swype/shaper writer.

    overall, better than i expected when i bought it. 7/10
  3. PNZ

    PNZ New Member

    I'm on my second in a month and it's going back too. The first one was clearly defective...the touch screen was often unresponsive and the phone would randomly go to different screens when browsing. I'd be reading one page and it would start scrolling and linking to other pages. The notifications screen would keep forcing itself over what I was doing and if I looked up a phone contact's phone number it would occasionally dial the contact on its own.

    The second one is better, very responsive screen, but before I've had a chance to even install a single app or 2.2 the notifications screen keeps forcing itself over what I'm doing. I've restarted the phone without success. When reading online articles the screen keeps scrolling and linking on its own.

    Maybe the 3rd one will be a charm.
  4. junkedBrian

    junkedBrian New Member

    the touch screen is pretty crappy compared to the iPhone, the samsung galaxy feels much better. With 2.2 the response of the liquid E is really snappy, and I haven't had any problems with it.

    My biggest issue is the battery life, even with no widgets installed, and killing most of the background apps, on a regulars days use, it's still pretty much dead at about 7pm. So I charge it at work, in the car and at home.

    If you want to use the google maps GPS, even plugged in, it will drain the battery completely within an hour.

    hope that helps you out.
  5. Adenwtf

    Adenwtf New Member

    Thanks for your responses, I decided to get the phone, after all I have 15days to return it if I don't like it. I installed HTC_ime and typing is a breeze, I'm almost up to my iPhone typing speed after 2 days using the phone. In fact I'm typing this post on it and I can honestly say I prefer it to the iPhone keyboard. The number one thing I hate about the phone is that when I press the sleep button to wake it, there is a small lag, which is sometimes not boticable, but sometimes takes up to around 3 seconds to display the unlock screen; I'm not sure If this is an issue only with my phone, or all liquid e however its pretty annoying. Other than that I love it, the wake/sleep button is abit hard to press however once I get a case it will hopefully subside. Hopefully this phone continues to perform with no other issues!
  6. Stan_Ice

    Stan_Ice Member

    On a couple occasions I used my Acer next to iPhone 4 for basically the same things - twitter, facebook, browsing and battery usage is almost exactly the same. Sometimes iPhone showed 2% advantage after a few hours, sometimes Acer.

    Display is the same size, iPhone, of course, has higher resolution but I don't see any problems reading stuff or looking at photos on the Acer. iPhone's "retina" advantage noticeable only when you put them side by side and compare exactly the same screens.

    iPhone is certainly much more fluid to use but right now it costs twice as much as my Acer.

    So, I love the price and I love Android's ability to install non-Market apps without any rooting or jailbreaking.

    I wish it had flash, though, at night the camera is basically useless.
  7. dierna

    dierna Well-Known Member

    I love my liquid e. I sometimes have battery complaints, but so long as I'm near a pc, I can plug it in. If I spend the night at a friend's place, I just bring the usb cable and plug it into their computer.

    I do wish it had a flash, but other than that, I love my phone.
  8. junkedBrian

    junkedBrian New Member

    I actually just rooted 2.2 on the liquid E, removed a bunch of the bloatware, installed the ADP? Launcher, and the gingerbread keyboard, it's noticeably more responsive, and the typing is much easier.
  9. skittleys

    skittleys Member

    Number 1 thing I love: probably its likeness to the stock Android OS. Because they only made minimal tweaks, Acer was able to release their 2.2 update well in advance of their competitors. In addition, with the popular/fancy phones, you constantly see complaints in the market about compatibility issues. Not so with the Acer! I've never had a functionality problem!

    Number 1 thing I hate: the internal storage. You have 200MB for apps, and that fills up FAST. I feel like I'm constantly fighting against it. The 2.2 update brought along the wonderful "Move to SD" feature, but a ridiculous number of apps don't enable this, and most of them have an excuse (see here: App Install Location | Android Developers).

    junkedBrian, what mod did you use? I've been debating rooting now that my warranty's expired, but I can only seem to find instructions for rooting with 2.1, not 2.2!
  10. junkedBrian

    junkedBrian New Member

    I used the Malez program with the update.zip, I'm on Rogers in Canada, someone tweaked the files slightly on another forum and it worked. Here's the link: Rogers/Fido? Froyo Malez Recovery Fix! - Android @ MoDaCo

    I think you can just use Malez as it is to do it without this tweak.
  11. cloud2or3

    cloud2or3 Member

    -the headphones fall out of my ears.
    -the speaker phone is not that clear.
    -people say I sound echo'y
    -if you have the phone sitting on its back with the speaker on the table, etc, the speaker is hard to hear... tough to rely on the alarm for this reason.
    -lack of cases and accessories.
    -can not get acer sync to work at all. always fails and says to reinstall the software. Mickey mouse way around this through transfer of contacts to gmail, then transfer back to computer, then to memory card. Be much nicer and easier if the phone would connect with the provided software like it suggests.
    -no tech support from fido on the phone... no one has a clue, plus its not in their mandate to support smart phone tech support... at all.
    acer tech support is useless.
    -can not connect to a home internet connection through usb, (wifi or data package only.)
    -when volume is all the way up the headphone really arent that loud.
    -android should really have an interface program such as itunes... I've found the processes with android phones to be extremely 'on your own' with most forums having people asked a lot of "How do I's..." or "Cant get my blank to do this" and no one has a solution.
    Finish is a softer plastic and really prone to finger prints. Looks great if you dont touch it!

    I could probably go on..........

    Mine hasnt gotten hot like people suggest.
    The screen is different tech than the iphone, so its tough to even compare... generally though it is not as good, but its ok.

    My first choice would have been a Galaxy S, I thought this would be a cheaper introduction to Android. Not overly impressed
  12. mattdauntless

    mattdauntless New Member

    No camera flash!!!! Almost makes me want to get another phone

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