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  1. Mickeydeal

    Mickeydeal Member

    Hey guys,
    Hope someone can shed some light on a peculiar problem I'm having. When my office pages me it comes across my phone as an SMS txt. It used to come as a standard number, so I changed the ringer for that txt to loud annoying beep so it would wake me up...
    Now they redid their system and when they page me, the originating number is a long string of random numbers, but they all start with 777... Basically is there a way to add just a prefix as a contact i.e. 777* so all numbers that call/txt me starting with 777 will be routed through that particular contact?

    Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Do you mean you want the contact to be named "777" instead of a name? So that whenever you get the page that starts with "777", that contact named "777" will show up as the sender?
  3. Mickeydeal

    Mickeydeal Member


    No, sorry if I was unclear. the txt/pages come in from a multitude of numbers that all begin with 777. ie, i'll get a txt page from "777272857610" the next page is from "777273562821"

    Is there any way that any time some calls or txts me from any number that starts with the digits "777" it would come come across as being from the same contact. like the contact would be named pager, but the contact number would be 777********* or something crazy like that

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Like most businesses you company has a trunk number. No way to do this unless you create one contact with all the possible numbers they can call you from.
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  5. Mickeydeal

    Mickeydeal Member

    Thanks Kennected,

    Thats kind of what I was afraid of. The numbers are sequential, with no upper limit. So its unfortunately impossible to add every number... theres no apps out there that anyone is aware of is there?

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