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Numbers no longer associated with a contact??General

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  1. jimmygrimble

    jimmygrimble New Member

    Hi there, apologies for another one of these threads. A search shows similar issues but none of them are exactly what I have, annoyingly. So after an hour or so I've given up!

    My issue is that all was wonderful with my phone but I couldn't SEND emails. No drama, a change of server and I have it fixed.


    Since then (or thereabouts) my phone has seemingly forgotten all of it's numbers. But not quite. I push the phone icon and it recognises all my recent calls and lists the numbers, but without a contact NAME. It seems that it's decided to forget who's number is who's and I can't seem to work a way to getting it to revert back. Does anybody have any ideas at all??

    I'm still trying to get used to the different between people and contacts but it does get weird when the phone remembers a persons whatsapp number, but no phone number! Obviously this is highly frustrating.

    Any help is VERY gratefully received! Thanks in advance, good people.

    The more I look into it the weirder things are. Even though I've got everything set to sync up the phone has decided to completely ignore everything that was previously linked. At the moment I'm having to go back in and link whatsapp profiles with facebook etc. This is fine but obviously slow and annoying... plus I don't know what number belongs to who, of course!

  2. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Have you tried resyncing with Google?
  3. jimmygrimble

    jimmygrimble New Member

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