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Numpad for PC at Android device

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  1. MortenL86

    MortenL86 New Member

    Hi There

    iPhone can, by wireless, be used as numpad for mac-computers which haven't got numpad in the keyboard.
    Is this possible on android? If yes, do you recommend any apps for a similar service?

    thank you in advance :)


  2. LaCeS OuT

    LaCeS OuT Well-Known Member

    Well I use Gmote. It turns your phone into wireless keyboard and mouse through wifi. Works great and it's free. Check it out in the Market.
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  3. MortenL86

    MortenL86 New Member

    Thanks, I couldn't find Gmote in the Danish Market, but tried a similar app, PRemoteDroid which is very cool. I love this app, which runs like a charm!!

    Nevertheless it doesn't solve my problem with the numpad. I was looking for an alternative to a usb numpad. And the keyboard in PRemoteDroid is just the standard android keyboard for typing.

    Hopefully there is a app dedicated to the functions of the numpad out there.


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