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\o/ HD WALLPAPERS[500+ & GROWING] [UPDATED][ADDED MultiplePack]General

Last Updated:

  1. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Colorful HD(24-12-2012)

    Colorful HD

    Space HD(19-11-2012)

    Space HD

    Christmas Special(16-11-2012)

    Christmas Special Edition

    Winter Special(06-11-2012)

    Winter Special Edition

    Halloween Special(31-10-2012)

    Special Halloween Edition

    Country Edition:India(20-09-2012)

    India Wallpaper

    Wallpapers Pack(17-09-2012)

    Windows 7 Edition

    Abstract HD Collection

    Wallpapers Pack(03-08-2012)

    Smartphone Pack-4

    Smartphone Pack-3

    Smartphone Pack-2

    Smartphone Pack-1

    Wallpapers Pack(27-07-2012)

    Digital Art Pack-3

    Digital Art Pack-2

    Digital Art Pack-1

    Wallpapers Pack(24-07-2012)

    Stunning Wallpaper Pack-5

    Stunning Wallpaper Pack-4

    Stunning Wallpaper Pack-3

    Stunning Wallpaper Pack-2

    Stunning Wallpaper Pack-1

    Wallpapers Pack(16-07-2012)

    Mountain Wallpaper Pack-5

    Wallpapers Pack(13-07-2012)

    Mountain Wallpaper Pack-4

    Mountain Wallpaper Pack-3

    Mountain Wallpaper Pack-2

    Mountain Wallpaper Pack-1

    Wallpapers Pack(04-07-2012)

    Hot Wallpaper Pack-4

    Hot Wallpaper Pack-3

    Wallpapers Pack(02-07-2012)


    Hot Wallpaper Pack-2

    Wallpapers Pack(30-06-2012)


    Hot Wallpaper Pack-1

    Wallpapers Pack(29-06-2012)

    CityScapes Pack 2


    CityScapes Pack 1

    Wallpapers Pack(28-06-2012)
    3D Wallpaper Pack 4
    3D Wallpaper Pack 3

    Wallpapers Pack(26-06-2012)


    3D Wallpaper Pack 2


    3D Wallpaper Pack 1

    Digital Pack 1

    Wallpaper Pack 11

    Wallpapers Pack(23-06-2012)

    Weekend Special(Dark Wallpapers)

    Wallpaper Pack 10

    Wallpaper Pack 9

    Wallpaper Pack 8

    Wallpapers Pack(21-06-2012)
    Wallpaper Pack 7

    Wallpaper Pack 6

    Wallpapers Pack(20-06-2012)]
    Wallpaper Pack 5

    On request>Android Wallpapers<

    Wallpaper Pack 4

    Wallpaper Pack 3

    Wallpaper Pack 2

    Wallpaper Pack 1

  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I'll have to hit these up and save em all on my phone.
  3. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    New Packs added...!
  4. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Guys I have updated the wallpaper pack, which includes a special pack of dark wallpapers.
  5. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    good stuff, thanks a lot!
  6. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    Am I the only Note user who doesn't use scrolling wallpapers? I only ever use static portrait mode/style wallpaper.
  7. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    I don't use scrolling wallpaper either. Some of these wallpapers work quite well static.
  8. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    3D Wallpapers added...!
  9. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Guys I have uploaded the remaining 3D Wallpapers, no screen shots though. Excuse me for that.
  10. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Wallpaper Pack with 32 assorted wallpapers.
  11. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    New Pack of Hot Wallpaper added..!
  12. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Added Hot Wallpaper pack.
  13. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Guys I have added multiple packs of fresh and new wallpapers.

    Download them and post your reviews.
  14. smartskb

    smartskb New Member

    very nice wallpapers
  15. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    New Abstract HD Collection added....!!!
  16. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Added New Wallpaper Packs...!!!!
  17. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Added fresh winter edition...!!!
  18. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Added Fresh HD wallpapers....!!!
  19. bipinbedi

    bipinbedi Member

    Added Colorful HD Collection...!!!

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