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Obtain/restore original firmware SIISupport

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  1. fixxervi6

    fixxervi6 New Member

    So I upgraded my Galaxy S2 to 4.0.3 and it worked, excpet now my search, back buttons don't work, and I can not send and receive calls, they dail and I can answer but you can't hear anything on either side, I am on AT&T so suprise suprise I guess.

    At this point I just want my phone working, how can I downgrade to the factory firmware

    - or -

    get my other features working with 4.0.3

    goolged around and there are a million links about this stuff that go no where.

  2. m1ndB3ND3R

    m1ndB3ND3R New Member

  3. m1ndB3ND3R

    m1ndB3ND3R New Member

    I've tried a couple different 4.0.x's, the problem is nobody has released a stable i777 ICS port
    I decided I'm just waiting till galnet releases it or till the official KIES update comes out

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