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Occupation specific Apps

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  1. fjumayao

    fjumayao Active Member

    I'm doing some research for my blog. I'm looking for apps that help you be productive for your specific occupation or activity. Whether you are a home maker/mom or a nuclear physicist what app helps you do your job better. It can be a free app or a commercial paid app.

    Please explain in some detail how you use your specific app.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  2. wyelkins

    wyelkins Well-Known Member

    I work for an autoparts inventory control wholesaler. My company contracted the production of an Android app. We use it to take orders and transmit back to the office. It can also give info on customer A/R balance. it can communicate real time or batch with backoffice using WIFI or data plan. It is awesome! We run it on phones and tablets.

    We have previously used Palm Pilots and Windows Mobile devices. The Android app is the best by far.
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  3. fjumayao

    fjumayao Active Member

    Aloha Wyelkins - thanks for the feedback. Do you mind me asking the vendor who you guys contracted with, I'd like post the info for other folks who might need something developed.

    Much Mahalo! :D

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