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Odd behavoir from Z990 AvailSupport

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  1. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    Hey all new to forum, and new to android as well as smartphones in general. Love this Avail. Only problem is I spent so much time goofy with it the other day when I finally looked up my eye sight was all knids of screwed up, took forever to straighten up...lol...but here is my question, being new to android taking some time to get us to it going to auto sleep all the time and having to hit the power button and slide the unlock ever time, but lately I have been able to just hit the menu button on the left (group of three on bottom of phone) and it comes out of sleep mde and I can slide the unlock. Only works this way patriotically. I didn't find anywhere that says it is suppose to do this, is my phone just weird, wish I could just bypass the unlock completely. My phone is never in my pocket so butt dialing is not a possibility. Anyone else notice this behavior or know how to stop with the unlock deal. Thanks

  2. anthony062991

    anthony062991 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums!
    I know what you are talking! The lock screen does get annoying. There are a few apps in the market that will bypass the lock screen so you wouldnt have to slide it every time. Try searching for no lock screen. Hope that helps.
  3. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    So all day long now I have been using the menu button to come out of sleep mode then slide the unlock to use the phone...hhmmm...only thing I can think of is as soon as I got the phone I went to settings and did the AT&T update, maybe this action is a firmware update. Hope it stays that way, much easier to hit the menu button instead of the tiny power button, also can pick it up and do it one handed with my thumb. Anyone else get their phone to come out of sleep using the menu button instead of the power...just curious.
  4. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    Well it was nice while it lasted...lol...turn my phone on today, not doing it anymore, had to hit the power button to come out of sleep mode. Anybody know how to get Z990 Avail to come out sleep with anything other then the power button.
  5. dougggg

    dougggg Member

    Well the only time for me the avail will turn on by the top buttons is when it is charging, would be great to be able to select that.
  6. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    Ok I don't know if this phone is just buggy or what, but today...menu button coming out of sleep mode is back...jeez..I'm afraid to turn the phone off, it may quite doing it again and I really like using the menu to come out of sleep. Anyone find out yet if this was included in the last upgrade or is it just my phone.
  7. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member


    just wanted to bump this again to see if any body else gets their phone to come out of sleep mode with out hitting the power button. Been pretty consistent now for the last several days, usually after the phone has been on awhile I can use any of the three buttons at the bottom of the screen to bring it out of sleep to the unlock screen. This has to be part of the AT&T update.
  8. GoNavy

    GoNavy Active Member

    OK here is another update,..I am doing some research using my badass battery monitor app and I think what is happening is my phone is never going to sleep, hence why I can use any button to take me to the unlock screen. BBM shows held awake time is very high, so under app usage by held awake time it showed AT&T Mobile care basically holds awake the entire time the phone is on. Went to the AT&T Mobile Care file and it shows wakelock in the details under processes. This app came with the phone, do I really need this file, or can I uninstall it, if it will let me.
  9. dougggg

    dougggg Member

    I dought you can uninstall it, but you can shut it down in the task manager
  10. 0078265317

    0078265317 Well-Known Member

    Mine turns on by top button even if not on charge.

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