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Odd freezing problem using portable X-mini speakerSupport

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  1. ssyd

    ssyd New Member

    I bought a little X-mini Uno speaker from ThinkGeek.com to use with my new S4. When I plug it in, the phone freezes and reboots itself. I've spoken with both Samsung and X-mini's support people and as expected both companies just want to blame the problem on the other product.

    I was hoping maybe I could get some ideas from here as to what's going on because these customer support people are useless.

    If I connect the speaker to the phone with the 3.5mm auxiliary cable it freezes, goes blank, vibrates twice and then reboots. If I only connect one end of the cable to the phone, it works normally and pops up "Earphones connected". Regular headphones and the 3.5mm cable to the FM transmitter I use in the truck both work fine.

    When I try the speaker on other phones (an old Galaxy S and a Palm Pre) it's crackly and sounds terrible, however when I use it on my laptop it sounds awesome.

    I'm not exactly sure where the problem is. It's the dumbest thing because I don't see how something plugged into a headphone jack could cause something like this.

  2. ssyd

    ssyd New Member


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