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odd issue after upgradeSupport

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  1. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    Hey guys i updated to 2.3.3

    i thot my root was still good cause i can still install apps from sd..

    so recently i downloaded root toolbox..

    when i opened it it says please root device before use...

    so googled 2.3.3 fascinate root..

    i tried super one click no success..

    so i found a tutorial that uses odin..

    so it seemed to have worked but the phone did not stop rebooting?

    so flash it back with factory ROM found on the same page of tutorial..all good..

    tried to re install superuser..still the same?
    is this version rootable or what??

    Fascinate from telus 2.3.3 kernel

  2. Bubsmash

    Bubsmash Active Member

    Hey Techker

    I have a Stock Samsung Galaxy Fascinate Telus phone
    here are my stats on what I see
    Firmware Version: 2.3.4
    Kernel Version:
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.PTLKH2

    If you find any info out on how to root with good instruction on how to do so please msg me as I am wanting to root mine. I cant believe I cannot get rid of Kobo.
    I know myself that build tlkg2 from what I have read is for the Galaxy S phones and will not work properly on the Fascinate phones we have.
  3. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    go check out DarkyROM

    there i found the Resurrection..
  4. Bubsmash

    Bubsmash Active Member

    Yeah everyone seems to be doing that but as stated on the forums it is not confirmed that all buttons as well as installed apps to work properly on our Fascinate phones.
    Also what Resurection edition did you go with and did you use Odin to install DarkyROM.
  5. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    it works awesome for me..i put the update key and home button works.the only button that does not work is the search..
  6. Bubsmash

    Bubsmash Active Member

    Well I worked closely with SuSE as well as helping OpenSuSE a bit here and there. I am reading away with Android App programing as well as looking into loading up my tool kit again may as well do a bit of programing or help fix away at things make the android community stronger by fixing known bugs ect like I did a bit of with the SuSE team.
  7. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    cool good luck.

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