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  1. Captain Brick

    Captain Brick Well-Known Member

    It's day 3 with my new SGP. I've download a few Apps but not many and my Internal storage is full?

    I called Sammy and we just ended up doing a factory reset. But when I get started again the memory is full? I sync with my google account during the set up like it asks but I doubt it fills up memory? The player 8gb and it shows 5gb available, I understand that part. I add 3 Apps (Google Music player, Netflix, Zynga poker) and then my internal memory shows 4.89gb full?
    Do I have a bad unit?

    Sammy Rep was shocked I was able to get Kies working. 90% of his calls are to get it working or Tech support issues. Under his breath he basically tried to tell me it sucks and don't use it. Every question I asked he referred me to looking for a Third Party App to solve my problems.

  2. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    In another thread, you mentioned putting all your music in Google. Are you sure you aren't downloading all the music to your internal memory (which the player calls the SD card but isn't)?
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  3. Captain Brick

    Captain Brick Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your replies Hook. I put them on my sd card via drag and drop. I never downloaed from google, it froze. But then again, maybe it installed.
    I think the Kies thing caused something because it xferred my photos but then I wasn't able to delete selected ones from SGP to save space. A result was I couldn't even open the Gallery icon to view pics. Sammy Rep had me do a reset because things weren't adding up.

    ** Samsung support was really helpful and very willing **

    I'm getting there slowing. ITouch would have been easier but this is so much more fun and Samsung device seems so much better.

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