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  1. eghoti1

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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue with their Devour. Two days ago I rooted it successfully and had it setup the way I wanted. I left my phone alone for 1 day and apparently it shut down, so I went to turn it on and it loaded M screen but then went to the arrow and unpacking screen in bootloader mode and did an automatic factory reset. The phone loaded up fine and still shows SU permissions. SO I went ahead and downloaded apps, etc and restarted again. The same thing happened, it did a factory reset. I then proceeded to unroot successfully and tried again, but it still factory resets throguh bootloader on every reboot. Any ideas or experiences? I did wipes through recovery and android already but no luck. Thanks.

  2. I apparently have the same problem now after resetting my device has anyone found our how to fix it?
  3. Well I have yet to find a way to fix this resetting the phone doesn't fully put the phone back to it's original state (super admin is still there and the apps I removed are still gone) so I'm going to try and flash it back to normal with the rsd software.
  4. Well after flashing it back to original state it still has this problem I don't understand how any suggestions? The phone is not activated on any service I use ##bluroff to bypass the activation my friend has the exact same phone and he has his rooted and bypassed the blur with ##bluroff and hasn't had any problems.

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