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  1. dirksterg30

    dirksterg30 Member

    Just recently (in the last few days or so) my unrooted Thunderbolt, running Android v 2.3.4 & HTC Sense v. 2.1 developed an unusual problem with the onscreen keyboard. In portrait mode, the 'k', 'm' and the key to switch to numbers on the keyboard do not work. The keyboard seems to work fine in landscape mode. The problem is intermittent, and has not been solved by either restarting the phone or pulling the battery.

  2. Papadroid

    Papadroid VIP Member VIP Member

    I do not have sense on my phone so I'm not sure this will work but try going to settings > Applications > Manage applications > all and see if you can find HTC_IME.apk to clear the data. If does not do it you may have to factory reset your device wiping all data on the phone.
  3. Blacklight82

    Blacklight82 Well-Known Member

    Could be dead spots on the screen. It happened to my Incredible. Had to take it back to Verizon to switch to a new phone.
    Like papadroid said, you might have to factory reset the phone.
  4. dirksterg30

    dirksterg30 Member

    I doubt it is dead spots, as the problem is intermittent. Right now all keys are working. I did download the Better Keyboard 8 app. I'm going to try that for a while to see if it is a glitch in the HTC factory keyboard.
  5. TheSchneidster

    TheSchneidster Well-Known Member

  6. dirksterg30

    dirksterg30 Member

    Well, a factory reset didn't fix anything. A call to HTC didn't help (I was on hold for 20 minutes before the call was dropped.) I called VZW, and they are sending a replacement Thunderbolt (a refurb, I'm sure) overnight.
  7. rocky0931

    rocky0931 New Member

    What is your ROM code version? Any problems for Better Keyboard 8 app, I just wonder this is H/W(touch digitizer) or S/W problem ?
  8. dirksterg30

    dirksterg30 Member

    Post back from the dead.

    rocky0931, the Better Keyboard app didn't work any better. I would think it was a software issue, as it was intermittent.

    The 2nd refurb. phone I received works fine (1st refurb. had a different issue - a weird color cast on the screen). Of course, the issue didn't show up on my original phone for about 6 months, so hopefully I'm in the clear. We'll see.
  9. hlcoleman

    hlcoleman New Member

    Since you are over a month ahead of me I would like to know if you found a solution. I'm having the same problem. O K M and any other keys in the same line don't work on any of the three keyboards I have on the Thunderbolt. The problem sttarted yesterday and doesn't appear intermittent.
  10. dirksterg30

    dirksterg30 Member

    The only solution was getting a refurbished phone. Hopefully I won't have this problem again in 6 months. Sorry I don't have better news.
  11. rogjack6112

    rogjack6112 New Member

    My wife's TB is unrooted and has the latest upgrade (2.3.4?)a couple of mos ago. She is having the same missing letters on virtual keyboard problems. Couple of letters will not type in portrait then different couple of letters malfunction in landscape--in a totally different screen area.
    We have tried several keyboard apps (like swype and go keyboard) and they malfunction also. Stock reset did not help. Pulling battery etc. did not help.
    Has anyone found a solution --she will have to buy another phone as warranty is up and one of the letters messing up is the often used "e". Thanks for the helpl
    BTW my phone is rooted and did not have the recent updated OTA software. I am not having keypad problems. (Would rooting her phone help or just confuse things?) Roger
  12. aksi

    aksi New Member

    ok, I have the same problem. O, K, M don't work. If I press furiously around O, it works once in awhile, but K and M only works when I do battery pull. But only works for less than an hour, and goes back dead. I really want to know what is causing this. I strongly think it is some kind of software issue, but then if you did factory reset and it still didn't work, it might be a hardware issue.
    Just the fact that it works fine for a little bit after battery pull makes me think it's some(a) software that is causing this.
    Everybody who have this problem, can you think of anything unusual thing you did before this problem occurred?
    For my situation, I was taking whole bunch of video clips(some were like 20min long straight) until battery went down to like 4% remaining. Then I charged it in my car(with the Verizon carcharger) and found the keys were dead after driving for little bit. Other than that, I did updates on whole bunch of apps on google play the day before. I don't know what is causing this problem, but hope I can find a problem.
  13. Student4Life

    Student4Life New Member

    Has anyone found a solution to this issue other than sending the phone back to get a refurbished one??
  14. washicd

    washicd New Member

    same problem here, i noticed today that my o, k and m keys are returning the letters next to them. i have a rooted htc thunderbolt and it just started happening to my phone. i restored it to a previous backup but that didn't fix the problem.

    also, that same area of the screen does not want to slide towards the right.
  15. washicd

    washicd New Member

    the only thing i can think of that i changed recently is that updated 'google play' the other day and i installed 'photo editor'

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